Animal Dress Up Day (Leaders of Evolution Project)

RAISING MONEY FOR S.A.R.G. (Sunraysia Animal Rehousing Group -
On Friday June 9th as part of their Leaders of Evolution Community Action Project, Darcie and Izzy will be organising a ‘DRESS UP AS YOUR FAVOURITE ANIMAL’ day. Some ideas could be an animal onesy, animal masks, animal ears, animal face-paint or an animal costume. We are kindly asking families to donate a gold coin or some pet supplies. Some of the donations that S.A.R.G. look for are blankets, treats, small bags of food or toys. All donations will go directly to S.A.R.G. We are looking for this to be a really fun day, with lots of activities happening in the classroom as well as our dress up.
Friday, June 9, 2017 (All day)