Concert Performance

1 week to go…
Each concert night is the same performance; therefore students will be required to attend each night.
Drop off times are the following:
Monday 18th September at 6pm
Tuesday 19th September at 6pm
Wednesday 20th September 5pm
If you would like to watch your child/ren perform, you can choose any of those nights to watch the performance, as each night will be the same.
After you drop off your child to the Arts Centre, they will be supervised at all times until you pick them up again when it finishes, approximately 2.5 hours later. We will notify you of finishing/pick up times after our full dress rehearsal on Monday.
All students are welcome to bring devices for use while they aren’t performing; however the responsibility for the care and protection of the device is the child’s. There will be a TV for them to watch the performance as well.
All Prep students are performing in the first half of the concert. So if you would like to pick up your Prep student after the first half, you are more than welcome to pick them up from the back stage door that you dropped them off at.
This year we have to perform the concert 3 times, because our school has grown significantly and there wouldn’t be enough seats available for all our families otherwise.
Tickets can be purchased from
Mildura Visitor Information Centre or
Under 1: Free (sitting on adult’s lap)
Child 1-5: $15
Student 6-18: $20
Aged Pensioner: $20
Adult: $25
**Students performing in the concert do not need to purchase a ticket as they will remain backstage.
Monday 18th September is the day we travel to the Arts Centre by bus for our full run through on the stage. Notes went home last week for your permission. Please sign these and bring them back asap.
Repeats every day 2 times.
Monday, September 18, 2017 - 19:00
Tuesday, September 19, 2017 - 19:00