Environmental News

We are selling our 3 and 4 tier Worm Farms. They are still in pretty good condition and a great way to recycle food scraps and they have a tap fitted to dispense the ’worm juice’. They are $20 and can be purchased from the office. We also have eggs for sale. These are $3.00 per dozen and can be collected and paid for at the office.
The front garden has lots of herbs available. You are more than welcome to help yourself to mint and parsley, and whatever else you can find!
Our animals are back! Annie the kid and Pamela the lamb are in the chook yard. There are two Nanny goats currently working hard on weed control, in the back wetland area. These two need names and any suggestions can be placed in the box at the office. We also have 12 chicks who are spending their das in the ‘nursery’. They are growing very quickly.