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Zooper Dooper Friday

Eight of our Grade 6 children have taken the initiative to help out the school. For three consecutive Fridays they will be selling Zooper Doopers for 50c at both gates. Bus travellers can buy one from the gate near the bus at 2:55pm. Dates are Friday November 23rd, Friday November 30th and Friday December 7th.

Environmental News

We are selling our 3 and 4 tier Worm Farms. They are still in pretty good condition and a great way to recycle food scraps and they have a tap fitted to dispense the ’worm juice’. They are $20 and can be purchased from the office. We also have eggs for sale. These are $3.00 per dozen and can be collected and paid for at the office.
The front garden has lots of herbs available. You are more than welcome to help yourself to mint and parsley, and whatever else you can find!
Our animals are back! Annie the kid and Pamela the lamb are in the chook yard. There are two Nanny goats currently working hard on weed control, in the back wetland area. These two need names and any suggestions can be placed in the box at the office. We also have 12 chicks who are spending their das in the ‘nursery’. They are growing very quickly.

Electoral Office

This year we are an official Electoral Office. The state election is on Saturday 24th November. Access to vote will be via the Belar Avenue gate.

Art Showcase

This year we will be holding an Art Showcase to celebrate the artistic endeavours of all of our students. Art works that have been awarded prizes at local events will be on show, as will the current art activities that the students are involved in. The Art Room will be open from Friday 16th to Friday 23rd November in both the morning and the afternoon. If you are attending the Carnival tonight, you could take a look. We hope that you are able to come along and take a look at all the artwork.

Student start day for 2019

The first day of school for all students in 2019 will be Wednesday January 30th. This includes the new Prep students.
Preps will have Wednesdays as a ‘rest day’ for all of February.
All staff begin work on Tuesday January 29th.


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