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Concert Video

Concert video is ready for you to view and download at your leisure.

Visit this link directly.

Enter this password: ISPS3702

The video will be available to view and download for one year.

To view it, click on this triangle, at bottom left of the video view


To download it, scroll down a little and click.

End of School 2017

The final day of school for this year will be on Friday 22nd December. The students will be dismissed at 1:30pm on this day.

Parent Payment 2018

School Council determines the school fees each year and approves the Parent Payment Policy as outlined by the Department of Education. At our recent School Council meeting it was determined that the parent payment cost for 2018 will be $225. This cost covers all essential student learning items (for example: pens, pencils, iPad apps), incursions (such as payment for Kaboom Kids day) and excursions (bus travel for sports days, Ballet). The full parent payment policy for 2018 is included in this newsletter is on our school website. The School Camp program, which occurs for all year levels in term 4 and is outlined in the newsletter is not included in this payment.

Car Parking on 15th Street

For those parents parking on the ‘block’ side of Fifteenth Street, please be aware that you will need to park in a straight line next to the path. The idea is then that cars can pass on the left hand side, closest to the vineyards, eliminating the need for overtaking near students on the path. Please be aware that ‘NO ANGLE PARKING’ can occur on that side of the road, as it disrupts the flow of traffic. When the safe opportunity presents itself to complete a u-turn back to the main road, please do so.


All children are required to wear school bucket hats in the yard at all times from September 1st through to April 30th. If a student does not have a hat they must sit under the shade outside their class door or sit under the shade sails in the eating area. Our school actively supports Sunsmart policies. School hats are available to purchase from Lowes.


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