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Camps Sports & Excursions Fund (CSEF) 2016

The Victorian Government will be providing a CSEF payment to all eligible families to assist with the costs of school trips, camps and sporting activities. Please contact the office to get an application form. The School will need to sight and copy the concession card to ensure that the parent’s name and Centrelink Reference Number (CRN) matches the Centrelink database. Applications close at the end of this term.

Businesses Required– Junior School Council

The Junior School Council are trying to raise money for a new fitness track and some new goal-post padding.
We are looking for any interested businesses that would be keen to donate some funds towards our padding. Each business would then have their logo and any required information displayed on a goal-post at our school.
If you are interested, please email Ben Milsom directly:

Meraki BYOD

It is really important that Meraki is installed onto all student’s devices. The Meraki system allows us to ‘push’ apps out to students in distribution groups and track a device, should it become misplace. If you haven’t got Meraki on your child’s device, please speak with your child’s classroom teacher or see Mr. Milsom at the office.


The school dress will be available at Lowes by the holidays. The cost of the dress will be $51.99.

Parking and Road Safety

With an increase of enrolments over the last few years, we have gained more cars in the morning and afternoon for pick up and drop off. We would like to make parents aware that there is ample parking at the end of Belar Avenue. Students can easily access the gate at our fruit orchard and make their way safely to parked cars. Can we please be mindful of the following:
1. Don’t park too close to the school crossing on Fifteenth Street
2. Don’t reverse the wrong way on either Belar Avenue or Fifteenth Street. You can’t back out across two lanes of traffic.
3. Utilise the crossing on Fifteenth Street. No students/parents are to cross Fifteenth Street without using the crossing.
4. When students are crossing the road on Belar, parents that park in cars on Belar Avenue are just as responsible as our teachers who are on duty. Please support us by walking students across or monitoring from the other side of the road carefully.
Unfortunately we have had some of the above points occurring in 2016 and we want to eliminate them as quickly as possible. The safety of everyone is our number one priority, so your help and support will ensure accidents don’t occur.


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