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BYOD - iPads

Today each family will receive a pack (red or green folder) that outlines device use at Irymple South Primary School in 2016. In the pack will be:
  • A cover letter
  • An acceptable use policy agreement for technology in 2016 (this must be signed by all students)
  • A Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) standards for personal iPad care Agreement (only to be filled out if participating in the BYOD program)
  • BYOD Parent Connectivity Instructions
  • Frequently Asked Questions
Please take the time to read through the documentation and what is required of parents/students. We realise we will hit a few bumps along the way, so if you have any trouble, please feel free to come and talk directly with Mr. Milsom.


This year we will be distributing the newsletter digitally. The newsletter will be published on FRIDAY and emailed to all those who have subscribed. To subscribe to the newsletter log on to the school website ( and subscribe. If you would like to still receive a hard copy, please fill out the form at the end of the newsletter. Hard copies will be provided until Friday 26th February.


If your child is absent, it is a requirement that a parent or guardian informs the school via email, written note or a phone call. Please send a note to school with your child when your child returns to school or email your child’s class teacher. If your child will be absent for an extended period please inform the class teacher or school before they leave.

Late Arrivals & Early Departures

All parents / guardians must come via the office if they are dropping their child off after 9:00am, or if they are picking their child up before 3.15pm. There is a new book to sign students both in and out of school.


Regular school attendance is vital for your child’s progress. All children need to attend school daily. The school teaching program starts promptly at 9:00am, so we suggest that you make sure your child arrives before this time to get themselves organised and have a chat with their friends. School finishes at 3:15pm, with bus travellers getting on their bus at 3:10pm. 
Please schedule any non-essential appointments outside these hours.


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