Uniform News

As stated in last week’s newsletter, Laser Signs and Print have their online shop up and running. They are open from 9:00–5:00 and will be opening on the first Saturday of every month for our convenience. We have samples of the uniform on display in the office foyer. Our School Uniforms can now be purchased online. Follow the directions below:
Online Store
Irymple South Primary
With our saying “1st of May Hats Away, 1st of September Please Remember”, it is a great time to get in and get your new hat. The new hats have a pull rope on them but if you feel you would like to remove this, you are more than welcome to do so. With Laser Signs and Print ordering in stock at all times, please be patient. This is a major move for the school and their business and we will work extremely hard to get things right. It will take a while to get things up and running and even though some items aren’t in stock yet (due to being custom made), we encourage you to order them. Please feel free to pass on any feedback at any time.