School History

Irymple South Primary School No. 3702 History


Need For A School

On 13th April 1908 a petition signed by 22 parents requesting the Education Department to see fit to open a school in the neighbourhood.

The area was situated over 21/miles from the nearest school and this was deemed "a distance far too great for young children to travel, especially when weather is inclement".  Many children, were prevented from attending school for this reason.

The population in this outlying portion of the settlement was rapidly increasing.

Mr H. W. Gaer, Chairman and Mr H. Paul, Correspondent of the School District No. 393, Board of Advice forwarded the letter on behalf of the residents.

Mr J Lowry, stated that 39 children were likely to attend, and recommended a full-time school. 


"The Site"

The District Inspector, Mr J. Lowry corresponded with the Secretary, Education Department, Melbourne after inspection of a site "at the intersection of Fifteenth Street and Belar Avenue Mildura", which he considered very suitable.

At this stage Mr Lowry had been unable to negotiate a sale "from the agent for the debenture holders in the estate of Chaffey Bros Limited".

Three names were recommended for the school "(a) Irymple South, (b) Chaffey, or (c) Belar".

A plan of the locality was included showing existing and proposed school and the position of residences of interested families.


Shire of Mildura Council Minutes

Dated November 11th 1908

"Board of Advice asking for school Irymple South. Secretary to inquire whether Department will build the school if land is purchased, and in the event of a reply to the effect, Council to purchase a suitable site cost of same to be deducted from the works schedule of the Sandalong Riding." (Paul & Pegler)

April 1909

 "Education Department re: Irymple South School Site, resolved that Engineer survey land offered by Gothorp, 3 acres @ 10 pounds per acre, and the Secretary to write Education Department forwarding plan showing land offered and asking for the approval."

April 1909

"Secretary explained that a reply letter had been received from the Department asking for particulars of proposed site and it was decided to enquire if other sites were available before council meeting."

August 1910

"The engineer reported that it would be difficult to Irrigate the piece offered for sale by Mr Gothorp. The Secretary reported that Mr J. Forbes had offered three acres of lot 3-99-F for a school site. The Committee after considering the matter decided that Secretary write Mr Gray M.L.A. a letter explaining the present position and ask him to interview the Titles Department and urge immediate action in transferring the land."

The land purchased was 3 acres of Lot 1, Section 95, Block F, Parish of Mildura. County of Karkarooc. 

School Building With Plan


The new brick building 26' 6" x 21' costing 515 pounds was completed on the 6/11/1911.



13/3/1912 The first School Committee was appointed. 

18/3/1912 Drinking Water Tank filled with 1,000 gallons. 
01/4/1912 Bylaws for School Committee adopted
01/5/1912 Head Teacher, Miss Egerton, seriously ill.
31/5/1912 Department was asked to supply suitable teacher also a sewing mistress. Requested that present teacher Mr W. Hainville be placed here permanently.  


44 Children on the roll.

20/5/1913 The frontage fencing had been carried out.
17/9/1913 Permission granted for Religious Instruction to be conducted.


10/6/1914 Resolved to expand the annual allowance in flooring the School verandah.
16/12/1914 The Department was requested to appoint a male teacher. Moneys raised from euchre parties to be expended in a shelter shed.


Mr Malseed appointed Head Teacher.
12/5/1915 Windmill to be erected
12/12/1915 Tender for shelter shed accepted that of J. T. Barnes at a cost of 52 pounds 10 shillings.


Enrolment 65 
02/3/1916 Application by Head Teacher for blackboard, easel and 2 long desks. Seating for 52 when roll showed 65 students.
04/5/1916 J. T. Barnes tender for 15 pounds and 15 shillings was accepted for shelter shed flooring.
08/5/1916 Request to the Department for a pavilion classroom to accommodate students being turned away.
06/6/1916 School closed due to an outbreak of diphtheria.
08/8/1916 Swimming Dam was proposed.
31/10/1916 Correspondence to John Gray Esq. M.L.A. to obtain additional accommodation. Building sufficient for 42 pupils when attendance is as high as 72 pupils.  


31/1/1917 & 02/2/1917 Parents registered their protest in the "Cultivator" and "The Telegraph". Because of overcrowding children living near Irymple, No. 3174 were asked to transfer there.
16/5/1917 30 pounds and 8 shillings had been collected for the swimming dam. Dam had been sunk and the windmill connected therewith. Materials and labor was donated for the erection of a safety fence.
05/7/1917 Ten yards of gravel had been spread round the buildings making the foundations considerably safer. The cost 6/- per yard.
03/9/1917 Overcrowding still a problem.


17/1/1918 Building of an open air classroom was well underway. Swimming Dam to be completed.
23/3/1918 The addition of a wooden building 30' x 20' was completed.
21/10/1918 A "Flower Carnival" was held on the Recreation Ground. A Monster Children's Picnic with various stalls.
school building 1918 1918 Ladies Committee


Committee Mesdames  E. H. Thomas  Treasure
                                    F. Thatcher
                                    H. Wright
                  Messers     A. K. Cameron  Chairman
                                    T. A. Stephenson  Secretary
                                    J. Munro
                                    R. P. Considine
19/5/1919 It was decided that bicycle stalls to accommodate 20 machines be erected.


08/9/1920 New windmill to be erected.

09/12/1920 Old windmill to be offered for sale with a reserve of 15 pound. 5 pound to be spent for toys for the school break up sports.


03/6/1921 Open air room was found to be unsuitable for winter.

13/9/1921 Special meeting to consider the comforts of the children and especially their water supply. Four large water bags to be purchased.


Committee  Messers    Hall
                                    M. Laikin  Chairman
                                    J. Munro  Correspondent & Treasurer
                                    R. P. Considine
                                    A. Cameron
                                    J. Young
                                    A Morley
25/10/1922 The boys out-house was eaten badly with white ants and was a danger to the children, the roof was apt to blow off at any time.
15/12/1922 Christmas break up festival 9 pound 1 shilling had been donated by parents for the festival. 


Ladies Committee was formed at a meeting convened by the Head Teacher.

2/05/1923 Mr Munro's resignation was accepted.
                  Education Department be written to re - new school room and that Sir A Peacock be reminded of a promise made by him to provide a new classroom and additional desks.
                  Accomodation is provided for 54 and present enrolement is 122.
                  At present a number of scholars make their seats on the floor.


23/06/1924 Department to be approached regarding various works renovating and painting interior of orginal brick room, provision of brick outhouses and an incinerator and repairs of pavilion room.

7/07/1924 Mr P. G. Stewart accepted invitation to open new classroom.
                  New rooms officially opened by Mr P. G. Stewart 66 pounds 8 shillings and 2 pence were the proceeds of School opening fete.
28/11//1924 Piano was purchased on terms - half cash and balance in 12 months. 67 pounds 9 shillings and 6 pence, half cost was paid.
1924 class photo
1924 class photo


6/02/1925 Department to be notified of damage being caused by white ants in the portion of the new classroom.

5/05/1925 Committee
                  Mr H. Hill  Chairman
                  Mr M. Gallaher
                  Mr Rodwell  Treasure
                  Mr H. A. Wright
                  Mr L. Buchecker
                  Mr A Morley
                  Mr A. E. Cameron  Correspondent


New Head Teacher - Mr Donald Smith
29/04/1926 Sports Day to be arranged for the children and be held on Empire Day. 5 pounds alloted as prize money.
                    Traffic was encroaching too near the school gate and was a danger to children. It was decided to approach council to plant trees along footpath to alleviate the problem.
1/06/1926 Correspondent instructed to write to the Secretary of Auto Club regarding 1 or 2 danger signs to be placed on road near school.
1926 Basketball team premiers


25/07/1927 Request for more desks.
24/08/1927 Application for telephone at the school be made and yearly rental to be lodged with application.


17/05/1928 2 pound and 2 shillings be given to Head Teacher for the purchase of library books.

27/06/1928 Seats to erected round shelter shed.
10/08/1928 Two Colman wall lamps to be purchased. A tool shed be erected inside the present cycle shed by working bee.


18/09/1929 An appeal was made to parents to raise funds to assist the "Shrine Of Remembrance Appeal".

6/12/1929 Cash box to be erected for school telephone.


1/08/1930 School floors were in places white ant eaten. A man to be employed to clean school block.

25/08/1930 For the relief of children of parents distressed a roster was drawn up for volunteers to provide lunches for one child each for one week.
13/10/1930 Working Bee for construction of concrete cricket pitch.
4/11/1930 School Cricket Club to be formed, entrance fee of 6d and then 6d per month.


12/06/1931 Mr Mayne to transport football and basketball teams to matches 10 students at a time.

25/08/1931 To be purchased a couch and rug for the use of children taking sick at school.
1931 school photo with names


25/07/1932 Next dance be altered to Euchre and Dance.

                    Miss Munro was granted use of the school piano on Saturday mornings for se of school children only and that a charge of 1/- quarter per pupil.
5/10/1932 Mothers Club to start a singing class and hold entertainment to raise funds for the school.
3/11/1932 Special arrangements were made for the Annual Picnic. It was agreed to have only a one Meal picnic and it
be catered for.


13/06/1933 Direct giving to be introduced.

10/10/1933 The Committee had a lengthy discussion re Obscene Language written in outhouses, also the breaking of school windows.


A new School Curriculum introduced.

5/03/1934 Election of Committee.
                  Mr Creaton
                  Mrs Chamberlain  Treasurer & Correspondent
                  Mr Chamberlain
                  Mr Leng
                  Mr Robertson
                  Mr McGowan
                  Mr Forrester  Chairman
15/06/1934 A fund for a swimming pool was opened with donations of 1 pound each from Messrs Forrester, Creaton and Chamberlain.
25/07/1934 Tender of 15 pounds submitted by Mr Hunt was accepted for construction of Swimming Bath.
1934 School photo with names


Mr McLean commenced duty as Tempory Head Teacher.

1/11/1935 Fancy Dress Frolic for children organised by Mothers Club
18/12/1935 Picnic Day - Mrs Summer's Paddock.


13/5/1936 Application to be made to the City Council for connection of electric supply. If granted 5 lights and 1 power point be installed.
21/5/1936 Childrens Concert at Irymple Hall. Prices Adults 1/6 and children 9d.


23/11/1937 Windmill to be sold and arrangements to have an electric pumping plant installed.
15/12/1937 Irymple South Cricket Club granted permission to erect showers and School Committee to bear expense of maitenance.


21/12/1938 Parents to be circularized as to the desirability to commence school at 7.30 during summer months.


3/7/1939 Mothers Club be approached to purchase 3 gallon urn @ approx. 8 pounds 7 shillings and 6 pence less discount with the idea of supplying the children with a hot drink in winter at a charge of 3d per family per week.
20/12/1939 Annual Picnic - races allocated 1 pound.


18/4/1940 Committee elections.
                  Mothers Club invited to nominate one of their members to fill the seventh vacancy.
12/6/1940 Arbor Day.
8/10/1940 An area to be fenced for a small vegetable patch.
14/11/1940 Swimming Bath had been fixed but supports were required to prevent futher collapse. Working Bee for insertion of posts be 24th November. One sheet Fibro Cement had blown off showers.
13/12/1940 Break up Night and Christmas Tree to commence at 6pm.
                    Races 6.15 to 7.45
                    Concert 8 to 9
                    Christmas Tree 9 to 9.30
                    Childrens supper followed by Adults.
1940 Grade 1 to 4 image


8/4/1941 Six War Saving Certificates be purchased at a cost of 4 pounds 16 shillings.
16/5/1941 Empire Day . Guest Speaker to be Shire President Mr Skeat.
22/8/1941 Childrens Concert at Irymple Hall. Half next profit to be donated to Education Departments War Relief funds. A cheque for 3 pounds 5 shillings and 6 pence was forwarded.
15/12/1941 Break up night to commence at 6.15pm. Tree to be set up in shelter shed.
12/9/1942 Mothers Club Social at School.
13/11/1942 12 War Saving Certificates to be purchased.
17/12/1942 Christmas break up night.
                   Toys were unprocurable
                   15/- alloted for bags of sweets
                   Mr Fenner will show a short film with his movie projector.


9/2/1943 School hours to remain at 9.15am to 3.45pm.
10/5/1943 Picking of block.
8/6/1943 New flag to be purchased.
15/6/1943 Arbor Day. Owing to rationing of some foods it was thought fitting to forgo morning tea and lunch as previously provided.
21/9/1943 Education Department unable to supply footballs and basketballs.
16/11/1943 Two 5 pound War Saving Certificates purchased.
14/12/1943 Christmas treat a Childrens Concert of 1 hour in length and then supper. No races



15/2/1944 Shillidays were engeaged to install a loud speaker in each of the classrooms the approximate price being 12 pounds. A school wireless set was unsuitable. Mr Lamberts offer of a 5 valve Healing wireless set was accepted. This was of great assistance with broadcast lessons.
28/4/1944 Farewell to Head Teacher Mr Gowan arranged by Mothers Club. A leather suitcase presented.
20/6/1944 Dances to continue.
                  Cigarettes to be given as prizes.
8/9/1944 Euchre. The aggregate prize to be two War Saving Certificates - one for ladies and one for gents. Final social night 24/11/1944.
                Wireless licence to be purchased.
13/12/1944 Picnic Day at Sandalong Park.


4/4/1945 A concrete and lawn assembly was proposed 35ft square with circular lawn 25ft diameter.
                Education Department to approve subsidy. Approximate cost 61 pouns 5 shillings.
11/4/1945 Picking of block.
July 1945 The 17 District school united and formed Sunraysia District Council of Mothers Clubs.
24/9/1945 Shire Secretary be approached for use of land at rear of school thought to be ideal for a girls playground.
16/11/1945 Underground tank has collapsed.

14/12/1945 Picnic Day at Sandalong Park.



31/5/1946 District Inspector had classified the school as "A". 
16/8/1946 Deputation to Minister of Education for a Hed Teacher's residence.
18/8/1946 23rd Birthday "At Home" for Mothers Club. Two hundred people were present. There was entertainment and a guest speaker. A cake competition was held with items then being sold.
24/9/1946 Shire Secretary be approached for use of land at rear of school thought to be ideal for a girls playground.
16/11/1946 Underground tank has collapsed.

12/12/1946 Picnic Day at Sandalong Park. Mothers Club conducted Christmas Tree.



21/2/1947 Mr Lamberts tender of 113 pounds 16 shillings for the erection of bicycle shed accepted. 
28/5/1947 An AWA Centeralized Radio Model No C17350 with accessories to be installed by Shilliday Bros. for approximately 75 pounds 10 shillings.
10/9/1947 Mothers Club "At Home" realized 32 pounds 4 shillings 8 and 1/2 pence.

12/12/1947 Picnic Day at Sandalong Park.

                    Roll book commenced for Mothers Club showed 19 members for 1947.



27 on Mothers Club Roll.

8/9/1948 Silver Anniversary of Mothers Club.
                Entertainment, Guest Speaker and Sponge Cake Competition contributed to a successful afternoon .
10/12/1948 Annual School Picnic at Apex Park.

                    Mothers Club spent 12 pound on gifts.



27 on Mothers Club Roll. 
12/8/1949 Dance, Euchre and Picture Night to raise funds for conduct of Bazaar on 28/10/1949.
8/9/1949 Epidemic of Polio.
                Bazaar postponed indefinitely.
                No furtherMothers Club Meetings for year.
                School Picnic cancelled.


27 on Mothers Club Roll. 
20/6/1950 Canvassing of Parents for a Bus Service to and from school.
13/9/1950 Duplicator purchased.
27/10/1950 Moonlight Fair. Profit 129 pounds.
13/12/1950 School Picnic at Apex Park. Bus to leave school at 1pm.
1950s Mothers Club


31 on Mothers Club Roll. 
21/2/1951 Bus Service requested of Mildura Bus Lines.
June 1951 "South School News" first ever newsletter.
15/6/1951 Survey requested for land required foe school residence.

27/7/1951 Mrs Howells President of the Victorian Federation of Mothers Clubs was present at Mothers Club meeting. Mrs S Birch was presented with a long service certificate for 22 years of service with the Irymple South School Mothers Club.

16/8/1951 School Open Day.
                 - watched grades at work in their classrooms and later folk dancing.
12/9/1951 Mothers Club 28th Birthday.
October 1951 In the Monthly Mothers Club Radio Broadcast Mr Ruchel was guest speaker and spoke on history of Irymple South Mothers Club.
16/11/1951 Moonlight Fair 8pm. 
17/12/1951 Christmas Picnic at Apex Park.
1951 Class


9/4/1952 Mothers Club Meeting, Mrs Brownbill, President of Sunraysia District Council was Guest Speaker. Presented Service Certificates to Mrs Wharton (8 years) and Mrs Oliver (9 years).
19/6/1952 Mothers Club was invited to provide a representative to all future Committee meetings.
23/7/1952 Nicholls Point visited for school sports.

31/7/1952 School sports at Cardross.

14/8/1952 School Open Day as part of Education Week 2pm - 3.30pm.
16/9/1952 Surveyors had pegged out land for school residence. 
September 1952 Mothers Club celebrated 29th Birthday.
14/11/1952 Moonlight Fair 7.30pm. 
22/12/1952 Christmas Picnic at Quandong Park, Red Cliffs. Unable to hold at Apex Park as river was too high.
1952 Class photo
1952 Christmas party at Quandong Park
Christmas Party at Quandong Park Red Cliffs 22nd December 1952


13/3/1953 Farewell Head Teacher Mr H Filcock. He was presented with a wallet on notes.
11/4/1953 Barbeque, Dance and Euchre evening. Raised approximately 40 pounds.
June 1953 On Coronation Eve a party was given for the children.

17/9/1953 Mothers Club 30th Birthday ay M. U. Hall, Irymple at 2.30pm. Musical entertainment. The traditional two tier cake was cut.

15/10/1953 Permission granted to exhibit childrens work at Irymple Show.
November 1953 Moonlight Fair. Profit 113 pounds, 15 shillings and 7 pence. 
1953 Grade 1-2 class photo
1953 Grade 1 - 2 class photo


25/3/1954 Red Letter Day as was the visit of the Queen. Children taked to Red Cliffs.
11/8/1954 Mr Sheppard, Minister for Education visited school and agreed to consider proposal of school taking part in Water Scheme.
November 1954 Town Water is now connected to school.
19/11/1954 Moonlight Fun Fair.
December 1954 School Picnic at Quandong Park.
1954 School Photo with names  


1956 Fancy Dress Ball
1956 Fancy Dress Ball


1957 Fancy dress ball
News Article regarding 1957 Fancy Dress Ball.
1957 Whole school photo
1957 School photo


17/7/1958 Basketball team were District Champions.
August 1958 Fancy Dress Ball cancelled because of ourbreak of Mumps. To be held in September.
10/10/1958 Moonlight Fair cancelled because of heavy rain.
30/10/1958 Moonlight Fair. Attendance down. Stalls well stocked. Entertainment - Highland Dancers and "Hill Billy" items and Doll Display. Profit 45 pounds.
28/11/1958 Letter to Education Department re Sewerage plan mentioning prevalence of hepatitis. 
December 1958 Break Up Party at Quandong Park.
1958 Basketball B Section Champions
1958 Irymple South Basketball B Section District Champions


15/4/1959 Direct giving to operate during June, July and August as a means for the film projector fund.
21/8/1959 Fancy Dress Ball held in Hall at Irymple. (No Flu, No Mumps, No Measles, No Postponement)
17/9/1959 16mm Projector was received. The School Committee paid 230 pounds, Mothers Club paid 30 pounds.
30/10/1959 Moonlight Fair. Profit 81 pounds, 1 shilling and 7 pence.
16/12/1959 Christmas Treat at Quandong Park. 
A residence at 4 Valencia Avenue was purchased for approximately 2,600 pounds in 1951, the first Head Teacher to occupy this residence was Mr Filcock. Later in 1959, a residence was errected on the school site at a cost of 4,808 pounds, 1 shilling and 3 pence. A new classroom (24' X 24') was occupied on 12/11/1962.


24/3/1960 Recorder Band formed.
       Direct Giving Scheme to operate
23/4/1960 Direct Giving successful 63 pound, 10 shillings had been given.
13/7/1960 Mothers Club "At Home" at Irymple Hall.
                  England's Fashion Studio demonstrated pattern cutting and designing. Profit 19 pound, 18 shillings and 9 pence.
17/8/1960 Education Week Open Night.
21/9/1960 Athletic Sports.
14/12/1960 Christmas Treat and Break Up Party at Quandong Park.
Swimming: This year the school won the swimming sheild for the first year and every competitor from the school gained at least one point. 23 students gained junior swimming certificates and 14 seniors. 


16/2/1961  Plan and specifications for Septic System have been forwarded to Education Department also quote from Collins for 540 pounds.
March 1961 Irymple South won the swimming sports for the second year in a row.
20/4/1961 Septic Tank approved.
June 1961  Mothers Club Street Stall.
August 1961 School narrowly defeated in football finals, the margin being 5 points.
28/9/1961  Septic Tank completed.
   Girls won basketball premiership.
   Runners up at Athletic Sports.
14/12/1961 Childrens' Christmas to be held at Irymple Baths. This experiment proved highly successful.


15/2/1962  Application to be made for a new school room.
16/6/1962 Mothers Club Street Stall. Proceeds to purchase story books for Infant Department.
28/9/1962 Variety Night at Irymple Hall.
25/10/1962  New room under construction.
25/11/1962 - 9/12/1962 Boys Camp.
14/12/1962  Christmas Break Up at Irymple Baths.
The children won the Swimming Sports again. The boys in a brilliant display of football defeated the unbeaten Red Cliffs East side to win the "C" grade premiership.


13/3/1963  Swimming Sports. C Division was won by our school.
29/6/1963 Street Stall held at Irymple.
20/4/1963 Septic Tank approved.
15/8/1963  Pie Warmer had been installed.
   Boys played in Grand Final football against St Josephs today and were successful by 1 point.
21/8/1963  Open Night.
8/10/1963 & 9/10/1963 Choral Festival our choir to participate.
27/20/2963 Sports Day.
16/12/1963 Christmas Tree and picnic held at Irymple Baths.


11/3/1964  Swimming Sports, our school successful in "C" dividion.
12/3/1964 Flags for childrens crossing have arrived and are now in use.
28/5/1964 School has been reclassified to Class III.
June 1964  Mothers Club Street Stall successful.
30/10/1964 Variety Night, by Mothers Club at Irymple Hall.
14/12/1964 Christmas Break Up at Irymple Baths. 


11/2/1965  New desks for grade 5 and 6.
June 1965 Street Stall proceeds of which purchased 58 rose bushes which were planted along front fence and down each side of the path.
15/9/1965 Girls basketball team won the grand final. Shield now belongs to school as has been won three times.
  New flag and photo of Her Majesty the Queen was given to the school.
29/9/1965  School Sportd in Mildura.
8/10/1965 Fancy Dress Frolic at Irymple Football Pavilion.
  Proceeds raised 21 pounds, 10 shillings and 1 pence.
  Cocoa Cola profit for third term 9 pounds and 10 shillings.
14/12/1965 Christmas Picnic at Irymple Baths.
   Cost for this day (95 children) 25 pounds.
   Cocoa Cola sales for year 5944 bottles. Profit for the year 45 pounds, 10 shillings and 10 pence.


16/8/1966  School Open Day.
13/12/1966 New Girls Toilet completed.
14/12/1966 Christmas Party at Irymple Baths. This day was spoiled by a Hurricane. Santa managed to arrive and all children received gifts.


16/8/1967  Extension bell for telephone.
15/8/1967 School Open Day.
28/10/1967 Fancy Dress at Irymple Football Pavilion.
11/12/1967 Christmas Party at Swimming Pool. No gifts this year - lollies and balloons enough.


School Uniforms for girls introduced in a Hunting Stewart Tartan skirt with lemon blouse and green jumper. Also new sports uniform - kelly green and yellow.
22/2/1968 Heaters have been installed but nottried yet.
28/7/1968 Working Bee - Pulling out and rolling on at Freckleton's to raise school funds. Raised $70.
27/9/1968  School Sports.
12/10/1968 Mothers Club held a pet show.
21/11/1968 T.V. set purchased by Mothers Club.
December 1968 Christmas Party held at school. 


20/2/1969 Children handling safety flags now covered by insurance.
  Books would be received from Irymple library and not from Red Cliffs.
17/7/1969 A new finish had been put on the front of the school and was expected to last 20 years.
14/11/1969  Moonlight Fair. Total raised $251.43.


9/10/1970 Back to Irymple South at 10.00 am.
  Morning Tea served by Mothers Club dressed in period costume.
  More than 80 former pupils and committee attended.


4/2/1971 81 students enrolled.
March 1971 New floor in art room.
   New Duplicator.
23/3/1971 Swimming Sports.
20/4/1971  Parent Teacher night.
June 1971 New Reading Scheme introduced.
7/8/1971 Street Stall near Irymple Post Office.
13/8/1971 Netball team won "C" Division competition.
September 1971 Experimental reading program concluded.
November 1971 Moonlight Fair.
26/11/1971 School Picnic at Red Cliffs Oval.


November 1972 Moonlight Fair with Fancy Dress Competition.
December 1972 Christmas Picnic at Quandong Park.
First part of Arboretum and initial stages of adventure playground completed.
Water Heating unit installed.


15/6/1973 Street Stall at Red Cliffs.
August 1973 White Elephant Auction.
19/9/1973 50th Anniversary of Mothers Club at St. Luckes Hall, Irymple.
17/11/1973 Moonlight Fair.
13/12/1973 Excursion to Lake Cullulleraine - Sports and picnic combined.
17/12/1973 Dinner at Irymple Hotel for Parents and Teachers.


May, September and October 1974 Mothers Club catered for six functions.
22/11/1974 Moonlight Fair.
December 1974 Irymple south Children visited Nichols Point School and had a combined Christmas break up.


April 1975 Combined Swimming Carnival. THird place overall.
May and November 1975 Catering for Musical Society Suppers. Raised $600.
November 1975 Moonlight Fair.
This year the Football team and two Netball teams won their Grand Finals. Teachers, children and parents were very proud of their success in 1975.


March 1976 Picnic Day at Irymple Swimming Pool.
23/3/1976 Combined Swimming Sports.
May 1976 Mothers Club purchased a 6 door refrigerator cabinet.
June 1976 Food Hamper Raffle. Total Profit $119.40.
30/7/1976 Wine and Cheese Night at Yugoslav Hall at 8pm.
  Cheeses provided by Shillidays.
  Wines by South Australian Wine Bureau and Bonnonee Wines.
  Wykchad the mind reader entertained patrons.
  Bob Jaensch supplied organ musicl background to the evening.
  Profits $200.
August 1976 Appeal for the Tyers Family who lost all their belongings in a house fire
    Straying dogs a problem.
September 1976 Irymple Football presented Pennants and Footballs to children.
26/11/1976 Moonlight Fair.
15/12/1976 B.B.Q. lunch at school. 


April 1977 School Windcheaters ordered. Green with gold lettering.
6/5/1977 Walkathon and Pet Show. B.B.Q. lunch.
June 1977 Coloured T.V. purchased.
25/7/1977 & 29/7/1977 Melbourne exchange trip.
10/8/1977 Open afternoon at school.
17/8/1977 Swan Hill Day trip.
19/8/1977 Fancy Dress Parade.
  Tenders called for new school building.
26/9/1977 - 30/9/1977 Sussex Heights return visit.
10/10/1977 Cooler System for three rooms others to follow when renovations completed.
21/10/1977 Moonlight Fair. B.B.Q. 5.30pm. Stalls 7pm.
November 1977 Water Cooling System installed in fridge.
11/11/1977 Walkathon.
12/12/1977 Parent Teacher Dinner at Irymple Hotel.
13/12/1977 Fun Day for children.