School Notices

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Lunch Order Price List

The Irymple General Store will be supplying the school’s lunch orders this year. Lunch order days will be WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY. See price list below.

 All lunch orders are to be written on a paper bag

 Name, room number and grade must be written on lunch bags

 Correct money must be included in the bag, no change will be given

 Lunch orders to be placed in basket in classroom before 9am


Concert Note

On Wednesday 5th August a note went home with the youngest child in the family explaining what is happening in the lead up to the Concert. Please make sure that you have read all the information in the note. 

Tickets are selling fast! If you haven't already bought any, visit the Arts Centre website 

ALL costumes need to be at school for the upcoming dress rehearsals and photos. 

A copy of the note will be available on our web page later today.

PDF icon Concert Parent Note
Safe, Orderly and Respectful ISPS Values

The staff have been working hard on developing a document to ensure that our school values are instilled in each learning area in a ‘Safe, Orderly and Respectful’ manner. A copy of this document has been attached to the newsletter. Students have settled in to the routine of school life for 2014 and have been working hard. If a student does not follow the procedures set out there will be consequences. Our Behaviour Management plan that we developed last year is also attached to the newsletter. Please take the time to read these documents.

PDF icon Safe Orderly and Respectful ISPS Values
Behavioural Action Plan PDF icon ISPS Behavioural Action Plan
Netbook Acceptable Use Policy

Netbook acceptable use policy for year 2 to year 6.

PDF icon Netbook Acceptable Use Policy
Sleepover Medical Form

Sleepover medical form

PDF icon 2012_gr_2_medical.pdf