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Wellbeing Team

At Irymple South Primary School we believe that the wellbeing of all students is of paramount importance.

We like our students to feel safe and secure in a positive and stimulating learning environment. We aim at developing a range of values in all our students and provide them with strategies to help cope with daily life experiences. We have a number of support structures in place to assist those in need, and have access to a range of Network staff to assist us with any psychological, social or special needs.

Our dedicated wellbeing staff support families and classroom teachers to plan and respond to the needs of:

Our wellbeing staff can access a variety of services if required, using a tiered model of support.

Tiered Approach to Health and Wellbeing

To ensure our students receive the appropriate level of support, our wellbeing staff plan and deliver all interventions/services in collaboration with families and classroom teachers in a tiered system of support. This approach divides support into three tiers of increasing intensity, organised according to student need.

Response options at each tier help our wellbeing staff consider the range of interventions that can be applied at the whole school level, for specific cohorts and for individual students.

Meet Our Wellbeing Staff

Tammy’s role includes promoting the development and implementation of wellbeing strategies in the school. She facilitates the delivery of intervention programs for individual students and small groups and coordinates access and timely service delivery to students and families in need. Tammy has access to community-based service providers.

Tony also promotes the development and implementation of wellbeing strategies in the school. He engages with families to address student attendance, engagement and participation to support learning outcomes. Tony facilitates the delivery of intervention programs for individual students.

Jess provides interventions regarding a wide range of social, school, family and emotional issues. She works with individuals and families to address complex issues and uses her specialist knowledge and skills to make sure that our students are connected and engaged in their learning.

Principal Robyn Brooks and Assistant Principal Jamie Russell are also active members of the Wellbeing Team. Robyn and Jamie manage all referrals to wellbeing staff.